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How to Prepare for Field Trip Day

So, the big day is coming up - Field trip day! As expected, your child is as excited as can be! You as a parent or guardian,

however, are wondering how to help prepare them for this great adventure. Well, do not stress! Here are a few tips to make sure everyone feels ready.

First, make sure you know all of the vital information - Where the field trip is going to be, departure and arrival time, how much money is needed, and what the dress code is, just to name a few. Knowing this information ahead of time will help to ensure that everyone is prepared logistically. Nothing will add stress to a fun day like showing up as the bus is pulling away!

Second, talk to your child about rules and expectations. Safety must always come first on days like this, and it is important that you reinforce expected behavior at home. Remind your child to stay with their chaperone and the rest of their group. Instill in them that they should never go anywhere without an adult or a buddy. Ask them to tell you their class’s protocol for an emergency so that they are reminded and you are sure that they are aware. Talking about these things will reinforce a safe trip!

Finally, prepare your child the night before! Make sure that their clothes are laid out and their lunch is packed. In addition, have any needed money or documents together and ready to go. Being prepared ahead of time will help to avoid a last minute frenzy and make for a smooth morning the day of your trip.

In conclusion, making sure you have gathered all of the important information, discussing rules and expectations, and preparing everything the night before, should make things more relaxed for the adventure ahead. Hopefully by following these tips, you and your child will feel as prepared as possible for the big day!

Have fun and enjoy!

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