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Our Pre-K2 program is designed to engage the children in age-appropriate activities in a “playful and informal” atmosphere. Activities that fit both of these categories will include a fluid structure that encourages creativity. At two, their desire for independence and exploration will be met. Children’s interests and needs are a priority with our staff. Developmentally appropriate materials and equipment are incorporated into a child-centered program. A safe, healthy, and nurturing environment is essential as children further develop social skills through play and enrichment activities. Active experiences are the most effective means for young children to learn and discover. 

  • Development of Large Muscles

  • Build Early Vocabulary

  • Develop Fine Motor Skills

  • Engage Students Socially

  • Age Group: 2 Years Old

  • Class Size: Ratio 1:6

  • Sessions: 3 half-days, 3 full-days, 5 half-days, 5 full-days

Interested in learning more about our preschool program? Please contact the school and we will be in touch! 

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