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Our Pre-K3 program is an introduction to school. It is meant to foster a love of learning and an excitement for education. The children practice classroom skills (sitting in a chair, lining up), self help skills (washing hands, zippering coat), fine motor skills (puzzles, cutting), gross motor skills (climbing, throwing a ball), pre-writing and pre-reading (drawing lines and circles, holding a book properly.) All this is taught through thematic based instruction and multidisciplinary approach. Religion is taught through every aspect of our day including prayer, play time, holiday celebrations, and character lessons using Jesus as the master model. 

  • Age Group: 3 Years Old

  • Class Size: Ratio 1:10

  • Sessions: 3 half-days, 3 full-days, 5 half-days, 5 full-days

Interested in learning more about our preschool program? Please contact the school and we will be in touch! 


We remember each day how much love God has for us by engaging in prayer. God wants us to continue to grow deeper in his love each and every day by being kind and loving one another.

Math/Science Readiness

Students will develop a love for math and science by using a variety of hands on materials. Building like engineers and conducting experiments like scientists are just some of the ways science and math are explored in the classroom.

Social Studies

By building on the students experiences and personal lives, students will learn about the different people and places in our community.

Social/Emotional Development
Instilling a sense of independence occurs throughout each school day. Teaching students that they can do anything if they try creates a positive self-esteem for each individual student.

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