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Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School Annual Fund

MTC provides an environment where students flourish academically, emotionally, physically, and socially. The commitment of the faculty, parents, and clergy to provide an exemplary Catholic education is the key to the MTC’s academic success. With Jesus as our model, self-discipline, personal responsibility, and leadership are valued at MTC School as highly as the students’ academic endeavors. The MTC School Annual Fund is a yearly development campaign to support our school’s strong tradition of faith, academic excellence, and service for the future. Combined with other fundraising efforts, the MTC Annual Fund is what allows us to meet our financial obligations for the school’s operating budget, as well as to continue to improve upon the exemplary education that MTC School provides.

The three key goals of the Annual fund are:


Increased Access to Catholic Education

There are families in our community who are committed to the Church’s mission and Christ-centered learning. The Annual Fund will keep tuition costs affordable so that parents can invest in their children’s future at MTC.


Professional Development

Teachers must be lifelong learners to give their students a quality Christ-centered education. Enhancing professional development for our faculty and staff through workshops and continuing education will provide our educators with the vital tools for student success.


Structural Improvements

We need to continue to improve our space and facilities to provide an optimal learning environment.

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