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1ST - 8TH Grades
About Our Special Education Program

Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School serves students with disabilities and provides a variety of supports to meet individual learning needs.  Our program is highly individualized to allow students to reach their full potential. Our team designs an appropriate plan to meet each student’s unique needs while focusing on academic, social and emotional growth. MTC is constantly welcoming students who serve a wider range of needs. 

Services Offered
  • Learning support-  is designed to provide intensive educational programming to students with learning needs in the areas of reading, writing, or math.

  • Emotional Support- for those students who need support in social, emotional or behavioral help

  • Autistic Support- for children with autism who need support in communication, social skills, or behavior.

  • Multiple disabilities support- designed to provide support to those children who have more than one disability

  • Small group instruction 

  • One- on- one help based on the student’s needs

  • Pull out or push into classroom for extra support

  • Modified assignments and tests  

  • Sensory- friendly space

  • Social skill groups that help kids learn conversational, friendship, and problem- solving skills

  • Study skill groups

  • Organizational support/ daily check- ins with students

  • Behavior charts/ reward systems 

  • Extra time

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