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The music program at Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School is all about the Three E’s: Excitement, Exploration, and Expression. Every class students can be found moving and responding to music in exciting and engaging ways; exploring music through movement, history, religion, culture, and performance of musical instruments. 

Students are immersed into music through five major musical fundamentals: Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Form, and Expression. Students learn these music fundamentals through a variety of  methods including singing, playing, creating, listening, and notating music. The fundamentals lay the groundwork for the ultimate goal: performing music as a tool of self-expression and creativity. 

Students in all grade levels play a wide variety of instruments in class including pitched and unpitched percussion, recorders, and ukuleles. The program integrates both Orff and Kodaly methodologies, teaches the catholic liturgy to prepare students for mass, and regularly incorporates cross-curricular content; applying math, science, and history to musical concepts.

In addition, MTC also offers a variety of performance opportunities, including the Annual Christmas Show, Spring Talent Show, Private Lessons, as well as Performing Arts, Handbell Choir, Concert Band, and Rock Band clubs. 

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