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What Makes an MTC Education so Special?

Mother Theresa Regional Catholic we are dedicated to developing a student body with a deep faith in Christ who are active in the church and community.

We believe in a well-rounded and well-developed child. That is why our teachers are continuously engaged in planning and professional development sessions that assist them in creating a caring environment where students are respected and nurtured.

Additionally, we are dedicated to rigorous academics. We believe in a place where students experience a challenging curriculum and are given the tools needed for academic success. MTC students consistently score above the national average in math and reading in the Terra Nova standardized achievement tests. We are able to achieve these high marks through MTC’s differentiated instruction, cooperative and flexible grouping, and multi-disciplinary project-based lessons that allow teachers to meet students' individual learning needs. The Early Childhood Program is holistic. It is developed by using a hands-on discovery approach based on multi-sensory activities which are part of a specific theme unit.

But that does not mean we are resting or satisfied. We are entering this school year laser-focused on excellence, and we want to share our strategic plan with everyone.

At MTC we are proud of our accomplishments and our continuous desire to do better, but we know we are not doing it alone. We will “boil over” with volunteerism creating a “parental workforce” who will collaborate with faculty and the administration to create the school environment that they want for their children. We will have a connected and active alumni network that will provide a link to the past and help fund and support this vision for the future.

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