With the clear need to produce and nurture STEM competency, we continue to offer Honors Math so that students have the opportunity to be challenged beyond the core math curriculum. In this program, we project a positive attitude about mathematics and about students’ ability to “do” mathematics, i.e. be actively engaged in solving challenging, applied problems.


We not only help students develop the technology skills needed for college and the workforce in dedicated technology classes, but also while they study core subjects. Our faculty works very hard to ensure the curriculum, facilities, hardware and software stay engaging and relevant throughout the years.

Visual Arts

The visual arts curriculum helps students understand how media, technique and process are used to create works of art; how artworks are structured; how art has a variety of functions; how to identify, analyze and select subject matter, symbols and ideas for personal/cultural expression; how historical and cultural contexts provide meaning for works of art, and how to assess the merits of their own artworks and the artworks of others.


At Mother Teresa Catholic School, students learn music fundamentals in a supportive, nurturing environment. Music is a wonderfully effective means to explore multicultural traditions, world history, and languages from around the globe.

Physical Education

The Physical Education at Mother Teresa Catholic School offers all students the opportunity to live healthier lifestyles. Children who are healthy and physically active increase their chances of achieving to their highest academic potential and are better able to handle the demands of today's hectic schedules.


With a dedicated librarian, students are more likely to score higher in standardized reading and writing tests, and we think the time, space and support to focus on imagination is pretty darn important too.


Elementary and middle school foreign language programs are the foundation for a long, well-articulated sequence of carefully developed curricula that extend through grade 12. Students in our program develop increased language proficiency and cultural competence.


Specialty subjects covers all classes outside of homerooms, religion, science, mathematics and social studies.  At MTC we offer engaging and progressive programs in music, foreign languages (Spanish), visual arts, physical education, library, honors mathematics and technology.


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