• Angela Smith

It's Rainy! What should We Do?

Some things that we have tried at my home on a rainy day are the following activities. Some were wonderful and easy to do while others needed to be improved upon as they sounded great on paper but in practice needed some tweaking to make them work.

1. Have a camp out indoors instead of outside. Use table cloths, sheets,

blankets, etc. to pitch a tent over chairs, tables, and couches. Tell stories around a fake campfire and have fun pretending to be outdoors in the woods with nature.

2. Create a family recipe book by gathering favorite recipes that our

family has handed down from generation to generation; the ones that everyone enjoys having at family gatherings. Include who invented the recipe and add possible variations of ingredients.

3. Invent a game that is not run electronically and requires engineering and creative ideas to make it fun and enjoyable for all ages. Use materials found around the house that are easy to use. Play a few rounds of the game afterwards and explain what you like/dislike about it to your family.

4. Bake some chocolate chip cookies or your favorite kind of cookie or dessert. Take turns making the treat and be sure to clean up the cooking area afterwards.

5. Organize your photos in some type of collage or collection. These can be from prints, your phone, and your photo albums. Label the ones that are not labelled so future generations know what the pictures are about.

6. Have an indoor treasure hunt. Come on now, you may be the one

who finds the buried treasure and is the pirate of the hour.

7. Host/hostess a tea party for your stuffed animals, dolls, movie figures,

and with accessories to have a fun time.

8. Map out a city on paper with all kinds of sights to see in the city.

Include parking for activities and any nightlife attractions, restaurants, and visitor attractions. Choose a city that you may want to visit in the future or would recommend to a friend.

9. Try some home spa thera