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How to Get Your Students Ready for Back to School

When it is time to get ready for back to school with your children, they will benefit immensely from parents who read with them over the summer months. Get ready for early mornings a few weeks before school starts and prepare what you can the night before so that a routine is set and there are less stress and chaos in the morning. Involve your child in the back to school shopping by giving them choices whenever possible. Stock up on pencils, pens, markers, highlighters, and more.

Take the time to visit the school before the first day. Anxious children can meet the teacher and you can practice the routine of picking up and dropping off so children are familiar with what will happen on the first day.

It would be awesome to have a designated homework area in your home so that homework stays in a certain area of the home and gets completed in a specific place. That way assignments go from the schoolbag to the homework area and not lost somewhere in between. For multiple children at home, designate a place to keep each child’s school bag organized in a certain area. Have clothes for the week ready on a Sunday afternoon so there are enough clean outfits to wear daily. It will get rid of any “I can’t find a clean shirt/blouse to wear” stories in the morning.

Plan some healthy breakfast ideas so they are ready to go each morning. Have some healthy after school snacks to fill kids just enough until dinnertime. Create a planner to keep all meal plans, papers, and school materials organized and keep it handy in a special place at home.

On the first day of school, take a picture with the other siblings. Try lunch box notes to let your child know that you are thinking of them. Use the last week before school starts as time to spend some much needed one one one time with your children. Make sure that your child’s school has updated emergency contact numbers and medical information. Visit your child’s school on their Back to School Night so that you get a chance to meet their teacher(s) and become familiar with your child’s yearly schedule.

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