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Creative Things to Do When You're Stuck Inside

It is summer! The best time of year. The kids are off from school and looking forward to playing in the sunshine. But OH NO! Those clouds are turning darker, the sun is the one playing hide and seek, and there are water drops blurring the view from your shades. It’s raining! Now what...

1. Have a fashion show! Raid your closets for fun outfits to walk down the living room runway! Lay down a sheet or blanket as the “red carpet” and interview everyone on their looks. Whose closet did the clothing come from? Why did they choose it? Where is the paparazzi??

2. Set up a cake, cupcake or cookie decorating station with premade or homemade baked goods. Hit the food store or the pantry for delicious treats to decorate. Get creative! Turn those regular desserts into masterpieces using anything you have on hand! (Nuts, candies, sprinkles, etc.) Make it a contest! Who made the best creation??

3. Play freeze dance! Use Pandora, Amazon Music, Apple Music or your own playlist to jam out to your favorite songs until the music stops. Then FREEZE! Have one person be in charge of the play button and keep the others on their toes! Does the winner get a prize?? Maybe they get to play DJ the next time around!

4. Grab some sheets, pillows, and blankets and make a fort! Take snacks, books, or games inside. You could even watch a movie! Another thought - Have a picnic inside! Instead of taking lunch to the park, take it into the fort. Too dark in there from all of those rain clouds?? Try having lunch by candlelight - Okay, maybe just by flashlight! Safety first!

5. Sing karaoke! Play your favorite songs and sing along! Set up a stage and wear costumes. Maybe even have your own Masked Singer! Create choreography to go along with your performance. Have others be the judges. You could even challenge friends or family members via Facetime or Zoom. Who has the most talent??

So, don’t let a little rain wash away a perfectly good summer day! Try one of these awesome indoor activities instead and keep the fun rolling!

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