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A Teacher Reflects on Online Learning

Feedback, grace, and meeting students where they are will be the keys to success for this transition into online learning. I am a scientist. I believe and run off of feedback and data. I then take that data, good or bad, and implement it into my lesson plans and readjust my goals. Having a flexible mindset is necessary when going through a crisis such as this. Students need a flexible teacher at this time. One that can stand firm and be a source of encouragement and strength, while drawing upon reason to pave the best way forward.

There are always diamonds in the dust. I surveyed the Class of 2020 to gain a better understanding of how they are adjusting and what their needs are to prepare them for the future.

Q: What has been your favorite part about virtual MTC?

A: “My favorite part is probably still getting to see my friends and teachers even though we are not in school”

“It is simple and organized and easy to find what you need.”

“I can still interact with my friends and teachers.”

“Still being able to connect to everyone at school.”

“Going to class in comfy clothes.”

“Being able to sleep in more”

“Seeing my friends on zoom.”

“The independent work”

“Being at Home.”

Q: What has your motivation level been on a scale of 1-10?

A: I had the lowest entry as a 2 and the highest was an 8

Q: What skills in science do you want to learn the MOST to help you prepare for High School?

A: Results

The survey had an additional 6 questions that I was able to take their feedback and work that into a well-fit plan for the end of the year.

Staying connected and supported as a team will be what makes this final month a memorable success despite the odds.

Written By- Ann Rodden

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