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Over the course of the 2014-2015 academic year parents, faculty, staff, and friends participated in a comprehensive strategic planning process to discuss the future of Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School (MTC) in King of Prussia, PA.  As a result of this process we identified five key pillars and their accompanying strategic goals. Our objective was to develop a holistic plan for the sustainability of MTC.

This plan will have a life cycle of five years but will be revisited annually as a result of the rapidly changing educational climate that Catholic schools face.  It was developed in a flexible format to meet the current needs of MTC and anticipates the need for future adaptation by school leadership based on the environment.

MTC is grateful for the time and effort that our strategic planning committee, faculty, Board of Limited Jurisdiction, Board of Governors, administration, and parents contributed to the task of creating a comprehensive and data-informed plan.

This document represents the outstanding sense of dedication and commitment within MTC. Our community came together to contribute to the successful development of this road-map with a shared goal of the best possible outcomes for our children.

This strategic plan not only reflects a commitment to a successful future but also a challenge to work together to be a better school for our children and to settle for nothing less.

Our Commitment

MTC’s strategic plan represents a commitment to the successful future of our school and the religious and academic education of our children. Everyone in the MTC community had an opportunity to contribute to this plan and we challenge our community to continue to work collaboratively to meet and exceed the goals for our school.


We believe in a love of Jesus Christ and a Faith-filled environment inspired by the Holy Spirit.


We will employ teachers who are engaged in the planning and continuity of the school, recognized for their hard work and dedication, and afforded opportunities for professional development. They will create a caring environment where students are respected and nurtured, pushed toward extracurricular activity and excited about service to those in need.


We will achieve true stability in both our people and the budget through sustainable enrollment and robust development activity. Our trusted brand will be highly visible within the local community in both sight and mind. The administration of our school will be collaborative and creative, thanks to an MTC Leadership Team led by a dynamic Principal.


We will “boil over” with volunteerism creating a “parental workforce” who will collaborate with faculty and the administration to create the school environment that they want for their children. We will have a connected and active alumni network who will provide a link to the past and help fund and support this vision for the future.