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Benefits of Virtual Learning: Pt. 2

Currently, our world has been placed on hold. Jobs and workers have been forced to stay at home and continue their day to day duties virtually. No one saw this coming, there was no training for this, yet here we are.

Fortunately, through all of this uncertain and anxious time, teachers have been able to teach the youth online. Many popular, and expensive sites have become free for both teachers and parents. They have sent emails and provided plenty of additional resources to help families with children.

Luckily for teachers and students, there are plenty of benefits to learning online. First, you can work from anywhere in your own home. Students can pick a peaceful place that works for them and makes them feel comfortable. Also, the structure is very flexible and allows students to get work done at their own pace throughout the day. I have seen this help with anxiety and stress so far with students and their work. Lastly, students are so well-equipped to technology in today's world that they are able to access most sites on their own. This not only reinforces skills in technology, but helps them for their future in this area.

While there are doubts about learning virtually, there are also many benefits that provide students with the environment and learning they can succeed in. For most of us, this is not how we saw our students learning. Students are used to learning with manipulative, small group instruction and face to face. Virtual learning allows us to do most of these things too, just in a different way!

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