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If you are part of an MTC family, you are part of our Home & School Association. And being part of HASA is a good thing.  Now all you have to do is raise your hand and come have some fun!


Our mission revolves around the advancement of Catholic education and the welfare of all the school children of this parish, the promotion of parent-school activities to increase interest in educational and civic affairs, and enhancement of the parents’ and teachers’ role in the education process by providing an opportunity to work together for the good of our children. Volunteerism is part of the Catholic School experience, and (trust us!) you will likely find you get more out than you put in.

To see that through we rely on the ever-amazing stream of generosity that pours in from our MTC families in the form of time and effort.  Donating your time and talents can take many forms.  You might become a homeroom parent, where you would work with the teacher to provide fun activities, classroom parties and special events throughout the year.  You could join or chair a committee that manages the various fundraising and social events we have during the year.  It is a perfect opportunity to meet other parents/community members and socialize while raising money for our students and simply having fun.  We ask that each of you make a commitment to get involved.  You won’t regret it!

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