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Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School Annual Fund

MTC provides an environment where students flourish academically, emotionally, physically, and socially. The commitment of the faculty, parents, and clergy to provide an exemplary Catholic education is the key to the MTC’s academic success. With Jesus as our model, self-discipline, personal responsibility, and leadership are valued at MTC School as highly as the students’ academic endeavors. The MTC School Annual Fund is a yearly development campaign to support our school’s strong tradition of faith, academic excellence, and service for the future. Combined with other fundraising efforts, the MTC Annual Fund is what allows us to meet our financial obligations for the school’s operating budget, as well as to continue to improve upon the exemplary education that MTC School provides.

The three key goals of the Annual fund are:


Increased Access to Catholic Education

There are families in our community who are committed to the Church’s mission and Christ-centered learning. The Annual Fund will keep tuition costs affordable so that parents can invest in their children’s future at MTC.


Professional Development

Teachers must be lifelong learners to give their students a quality Christ-centered education. Enhancing professional development for our faculty and staff through workshops and continuing education will provide our educators with the vital tools for student success.


Structural Improvements

We need to continue to improve our space and facilities to provide an optimal learning environment.

Educational Improvement Tax Credit

MTC is eligible to receive corporate gifts through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program, a tax credit program offered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Companies that do business and pay corporate and other taxes in Pennsylvania can receive substantial tax credits by redirecting their state tax dollars to MTC in support of scholarships for deserving students.

The EITC Program benefits students by providing a wonderful opportunity to not only the business making the donation but also the students who rely on this support in order to attend MTC.

Tax credits start at 75% of the donation amount for a one-year contribution and increase to 90% for a two-year contribution. Tax credits can be applied to as much as $800,000 in contributions each year through both EITC and OSTC programs. Furthermore, the 25% (or 10% for two-year commitment) that is not included in the tax credit may be claimed as a charitable donation on your federal tax return, which would reduce the cost of your donation to almost nothing!


MTC receives approximately 50,000 annually in EITC funds, which has made a critical difference in many students’ lives by providing them the opportunity of an outstanding Catholic education. Please contact Ms. Christine Pagan, Principal at to learn more about EITC donations or the application process.

The Many Ways to Give

There are a number of ways to show your support of Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School, all of which are an important part of the Development program. Annual Giving provides the financial support necessary to enhance academic programs, provide additional technical and educational materials to our teachers, maintain tuition, provide financial aid for deserving students, and secure the growth and intellectual development of Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School.

cash contribution may seem to be the easiest and is usually the first method that comes to mind, but it is not always the most advantageous to the donor. Through careful planning you can identify the method which best fits your situation, while maximizing the impact of your gift to Mother Teresa RCS. Please feel free to contact Christine Pagan at 610-265-2323 for more information on giving opportunities. You should also check with your attorney, accountant, or other tax adviser for the advantages or possible drawbacks of making a planned gift, based upon your particular circumstances.

Give to MTC

The cost to MTC of educating a child is not fully covered by his or her tuition.  Fortunately, we have a generous school community that makes up that difference through fundraising and development.  For information on how you can help finance our future, contact Ms. Christine Pagan, Principal, via email or by calling 610-265-2323.  You may also contribute to the MTC Fund, purchase a wish list item, or donate in memoriam securely online:

Give in Memory of Donation

An In Memory of Donation is a meaningful and lasting way to honor a loved one while helping Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School. Thoughtful donations help us continue to pursue our mission to create a brighter future for our students. Honor the life of a loved one by clicking the donate below. 

In Memory Of

Free Fundraising

Computer software, gym equipment, playground equipment, classroom materials…  There is never a lack of need for funding, and when that fundraising is absolutely free and nearly effortless, HASA is all over it!  The following programs are managed by HASA for MTC.  Volunteers are always needed to assist in these projects, so please contact a HASA member or visit the HASA page to sign up!



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